20 April 2010

the columbine massacre: eric hufschmid interview of donna taylor

The Columbine Massacre

From Donna Taylor's perspective
The mother of Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor, a student at Columbine high school, surprised doctors when he recovered from at least 7 gunshots.

Donna Taylor, his mother, talks about the attack in a manner that is sure to shock you.

Did you think Michael Moore, the media, and the government were telling you the truth?

A Summary of the Attack

At about 11:20 a.m. on April 20, 1999, the students at Columbine high school were eating lunch.

Two of the students, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, went outside the school near the parking lot and started shooting at the students who were also outside.

Mark Taylor, another student, was also outside, on the grass in front of the school (somewhere in the grass in the photo above, which shows the front of the Columbine High School).

One of the students that was hit with at least seven bullets was Mark Taylor. He fell down on the grass, and was bleeding badly, but he was alive. He was unable to move, but he was alive.

After shooting a few students outside the school, Klebold and Harris entered the school and started shooting at students inside.

After about an hour, a policeman carries Mark Taylor away. Doctors at the hospital were not sure how many bullets hit him, but they guessed between 7 and 14. The doctors were certain that he was going to die, but he survived.
The Official Story

Klebold and Harris were the only two students shooting. They may have been suicidal Nazis or social misfits who hated the world.

The police valiantly tried to save the students from death, but 12 students and 1 teacher died, and 23 were injured.

Donna Taylor's story

I had several conversations with Donna Taylor, and even if some of her information and assumptions are incorrect, the official story of Columbine is as much of a lie as the official story for 9/11, Oklahoma City, the attack on the USS Liberty, and many other crimes.

The Psychiatric Drugs

Some people have definitely improved from psychiatric drugs, but other people get worse with them. Medical technology is still too primitive to deal with most of the mental problems people suffer from.

Some antidepressants come with warnings that they may increase depression or suicidal thoughts. This is equivalent to a birth control pill with a warning that it may increase pregnancies. If you didn't know better, you would think the psychiatric drugs were props for a Hollywood comedy show.

The people who take psychiatric drugs need to be watched to make sure the drug isn't making them more psychotic. The people on these drugs are a danger to everybody, not just themselves, as Donna Taylor explains.

Donna Taylor says that many of the people at Columbine were taking these drugs, and it was making them worse, not better.

The Taylor family moved into the neighborhood 3 weeks before the shooting, so Mark was a student at Columbine for only 3 weeks. During that brief time, he complained to his mother that the school was strange:

Rather than provide all of the conversations I had with her, I provide some of the more important excerpts below.

Audio Excerpts with Donna Taylor
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