06 January 2006

the best tasting show on talk radio

we dont get to listen to this show as much as we would like to. it comes on on saturday mornings on ksyl so we dont always get to listen. when we do get to listen we are never disappointed because chef folse; his assistant michaela york are the perfect foil to each other. they are comfortable with each other and they have a big time, laughing, joking and stirrin it up. they talk about anything and everything.

now we have noticed that chef folse and company are streaming their latest show on his website. tonight, its the show from new years eve and chef has a very hoarse voice he said at the shows opening "the man who needs three women, a producer, a singer, a historian and one chef to carry the show for him today because yall he went to the big game last night - chef john folse." so he has a very hoarse voice but he hangs in there.
anyway, a little into the program michaela was asking the historian they had on about, the feast of christs circumcision. chef folse cut in and said "i never heard anything about that" and after the historian explained that used to be christmas was the holy day everyone went to church then on the epiphany also called the visitation of the magi (which coincidentally is today 06th january) that was when everyone would get their gifts because thats when jesus received his gifts. "yall lucky i cant talk" chef folse cut in ending that circumcision talk lol.

one of their guests and ive probably mispelt her surname was lillian boutet. it was her first time back to south louisiana since katrina from what we could gather she lives in germany shes a singer and she did an accapella version of james taylor's "you've got a friend" ms boutet said its "...a song for everyone affected by the hurricanes..." and if you would like to hear her excellent rendition we have it here.

2006 is also stirrin it up's 10th anniversary year.