17 January 2006

you might be a terrorist...

The reclassification of terrorism is spreading across this country. A bill just BARELY defeated in Oregon would have made you a terrorist if you download music, block traffic or write a bad check. Want to know what the punishment would have been? Read on...

This Madness Is Spreading Nationwide!!

Excerpts from a recent interview of
Dr Walter Belford
by PT Shamrock

DWB - For instance Senate bill 742 in Oregon, which was narrowly defeated by just three votes, would have classified terrorism as a plethora of completely unrelated actions.

Downloading music, blocking traffic, writing a bad cheque or any form of protest, none of which has anything to do with terrorism. All these 'offences'would be punishable by life in prison unless you agreed to attend a "forest labour camp" for 25 years of enforced labour.

I understand that a made over version of Senate bill 742 will be reintroduced in late 2006 with another name and with some minor adjustments and will probably pass the second time around. Then it will naturally, spread nationwide.

Not even Communist China or Stalinist North Korea put people in labour camps for writing a bad cheque, but this was nearly implemented in the 'land of the free'. Debtor's prisons were supposed to have been banned more than 150 years ago! Explain to me what does writing a cheque with insufficient funds have to do with fighting terrorism? Nothing I tell you, absolutely nothing!

Understand and know that this was an actual bill and there are similar ones around the nation that are also being drawn up by your so-called representatives in government.

DWB - If you think Oregon is bad, try Wisconsin! Wisconsin is crazy about control. It takes fingerprints when a police officer pulls you over for a broken taillight. And blood specimens if they suspect you are intoxicated or on drugs. Wisconsin has the honour of sponsoring the Super National ID legislation which will also be a Pan American Union Card, i.e. an international ID as the US merges with Canada and Mexico.

PTS - What else is Wisconsin infamous for?

DWB - A man was sent to prison for five years for "paper terrorism." He sent too many papers in a complaint he had with the government.

DWB continues - In Rhode Island, governors proposed a bill that would have outlawed criticism of the government, defining it as anarchy under World War One era rhetoric.

In the UK there is a very active advert campaign presently that encourages anyone to report "any suspicious" behavior from their neighbors, etc. to the authorities. What "suspicious" means is left entirely up to the person who would report someone. So if you had a neighbor that was angry with you for any real or imagined reason, you'd be reported and your name will remain on numerous government databases forever! Your name will never be deleted from those government databases.

DWB - For example an eighty-year-old man, John Catt who served with the RAF during the Second World War was stopped last September by police in Brighton for wearing an "offensive" T-shirt, which suggested that Bush and Blair be tried for war crimes. He was arrested under the Terrorism Act and handcuffed, with his arms held behind his back and taken off to jail. He is currently awaiting trial under the "British Terrorism Act."

A little known provision hidden in the latest version of the Patriot Act will empower the Secret Service to charge protesters with the new crime of "disrupting major events including political conventions and the Olympics," amongst other 'crimes'.

The Secret Service would also be empowered to charge persons with "breaching security" and to charge people for "entering a restricted area" which is "where the President or other person protected by the Secret Service is or will be temporarily visiting."

In the UK the authorities are using satellite imagines to spy on citizens to see what home improvements have been made so they can be taxed (extra) for home improvements, e.g. an observatory, an addition or improvements to your home or flat, etc. Worse if you refuse to allow local council (government) officials into your home (without a warrant) to take pictures of the interior of your property, that refusal is now a criminal offence.

For our American friends understand that your government isn't concerned about the (US) border, where the real danger of possible terrorist crossing is and where clearly that government is turning a blind eye. They are concerned about demanding middle aged women present ID on buses in Denver and arresting men for donating travel tokens to people without the right change in New York.

The Associated Press recently reported that Federal air marshals have expanded their work beyond airplanes, launching counterterror surveillance at train stations and other mass transit facilities in a test program. This so-called 'test' program, as always, is simply the prologue to a permanent situation, or permanent program policy for the feds.

What this means is that federally brainwashed goons, and they are goons and jack-booted thugs, are now stomping around with machine guns and vicious dogs, getting in everyone's face and randomly grabbing and searching people on the subway, train, boats, buses, airplanes and even private automobiles.

This 'test' will be implemented and expanded (US) nationwide very soon. The so-called "Visible Intermodal Protection and Response" teams, or Viper teams, will patrol Amtrak's Northeast Corridor and Los Angeles rail lines; ferries in Washington and New York states; bus stations in Houston, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, Seattle and elsewhere; and mass transit systems in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Baltimore.

Please recall that recently Rigoberto Alpizar was murdered on an Orlando (Florida) bound flight from Miami by (US) Air Marshals (plural) after, as alleged by the feds, Alpizar ran off the plane yelling that he had a bomb in his backpack.

It has been confirmed by witnesses on that flight that Alpizar never screamed that he had a bomb. It seems like a license to murder is standard fare for these jack booted thugs.

The passengers stated that his wife was trying to calm Mr. Alpizar down as he was singing "Go Down Moses", as he hadn't taken his medication and was tense according to his spouse. Those same eye witnesses said that they were more frightened of Air Marshals putting guns to their head and threatening them not to look at what was taking place. That incident was a primer for the move to put Federal militarized police on the streets and all over transport networks throughout the united States. [Correct spelling.]

In case you've forgotten, the Alpizar incident has uncanny parallels with the murder of Charles de Menezes a Brazilian youth, by British goons (undercover police,) just one day after the supposed aborted second London bombings on July 22nd, 2005.

De Menezes was wearing a light denim jacket, did not vault a barrier, calmly picked up a newspaper, did not have wires trailing from his jacket and was not seen coming from the building under surveillance one day after the failed bombings. CCTV tapes of the incident were seized by London/UK police who then claimed that the tapes didn't exist due to the cameras conveniently malfunctioning at that exact time, something which the London Underground workers wholesale denied.

De Menezes walked onto the train and was shot in the head officially eight times, possibly more.

So in the event you should, for example, attempt to help someone out by selling or giving them a spare token that you have for the tube or subway, that may be deemed as suspicious behavior and you will be cuffed and taken away. If you resist you will be shot.

Now let me put this before you. Remember that Bush called the US Constitution, "just a Goddamn piece of paper." Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle said in a Washington Post article recently that Congress explicitly denied a White House request for war-making authority in the United States immediately after the 9/11/2001 attacks. Daschle's quote is right here!

"This last-minute change would have given the president broad authority to exercise expansive powers not just overseas ... but right here in the United States, potentially against American citizens," Daschle wrote. [Source: The Washington Post.]

DWB continues - In spite of Bush being legally shot down on that eavesdropping request, amongst many other similar requests, President Bush arrogantly went ahead and authorized the National Security Agency (NSA) to eavesdrop on telephone calls and e-mails within U.S. borders without judicial approval. Now that's a fact. Bush' steps' regarding wiretapping American citizens clearly violates the constitutional rights of Americans and is a crime, period. IMO that may be an impeachable offence against Bush.

In fact James Comey, a deputy to then-Attorney General John Ashcroft, questioned legality of the NSA program and refused to extend it in 2004. White House aides then turned to Ashcroft while the attorney general was hospitalized for gallbladder surgery, but Ashcroft, author of the controversial USA Patriot Act, also refused to endorse the spying. That really tells you something doesn't it?

The New York Times caved into White House demands to withhold this story from the public and sat on this eavesdropping story for one year until finally some brave hero(s) exposed Bush's spying and produced the truth! The person or persons who leaked Bush' spying on Americans are the true patriots! They're the real American heros. Unfortunately they'll probably end up being fired and lucky if they don't go to jail.

Look at this New York Times article [DWB hands PTS the newspaper clipping] where the NYT's reveals that "it has obtained videotapes showing the New York Police Department conducting surveillance by planting undercover officers to secretly infiltrate and monitor anti-war protests and bike rallies amongst other spying on Americans."

For your information and for that of your readers, the (US) National Security Agency (NSA) has surreptitiously placed tracking cookies on almost all (US) PC's and Mac's without the owners knowledge or consent. This is, naturally, in addition to (US based) ISP's having had to place tracking programs on all US based servers under penalty from the authorities. This has been done for tracking purposes of all web sites looked at and for scanning and recording of all e-mail's sent and received from all US based computers and servers.

I would suspect that the UK and many other western countries have done the same or similar thing, all without legal precedent and or the computer user's knowledge or permission.

It is therefore my further opinion that this recently exposed skullduggery and eavesdropping by Bush et al on Americans and others is just the tip of a huge hidden iceberg. I believe this eavesdropping by Bush' NSA and other agencies started long before 9/11/2001 and will be found to be far more intrusive and widespread than we currently know or believed previously.

Pop Star Michael Jackson finally saw the light and after his acquittal left the united States [correct spelling] and has temporarily settled in Bahrain. I understand he is reportedly eyeing property in the tax free Gulf emirate of Dubai.

The Federal police are indoctrinating middle school children in San Antonio, Texas these days. The Federal police, i.e. National Guard and regular army are invited into schools and are teaching the children how to behave and who to obey, them. They (Federal Police) are even seen at cross walks directing traffic! [HB Zachary middle school, San Antonio, Texas.] What is the Federal Police (US Army) doing directing traffic in and around schools? Both "programs" will soon spread nationwide. The parents who protest that their children are being subjected to Federal Police indoctrination in schools are investigated!

I believe it is was either Newport News or Norfolk, Virginia where school age children (young teenagers) have to use their thumbprints biometrically in order to obtain books at the school and or public libraries and are being told that their thumbprints are required for their own protection.