07 January 2006

live bookmarks in Firefox browser

if you use the firefox web browser and you would like to keep track of your favorite blogs or any site that has a RSS feed then when you are on website, look for the orange symbol all the way over on the right in your address bar. in previous versions of firefox the symbol was in the bottom right corner of the status bar, but in firefox 1.5 mozilla moved it to the address bar.
so when you click the live bookmark symbol you will get the 'add live bookmark' prompt:

click ok
then to keep track of your favorite rss feeds simply open your bookmarks folder, point to the blog/rss feed you are interested in, another box will open that shows the most recent posts from the top down. click on the post you want to read. this makes it a lot easier than going to the front page of a website and having to scroll down to whatever post you are looking for. also you can see if there are any new posts without going to the website.
we hope we explained that ok if you have any questions please leave a comment or email us.