29 January 2006

whos calling who an internet news site

well well well look whos calling www.thedeadpelican.com "An Internet news site"

we need to train ourselves to always go to the dp first to use it to click through to our regular news sources. theres power in them thar clicks lol and if everyone would do that the MSM media managers would see that the pelican will deliver traffic to stories that are of interest to US - then the media would mention it in the news more often.

wouldnt the gannett media here in in louisiana love having to mention someone like oh say c b forgotston and his views regularly all because they know that if their story is linked from the dp it will increase their traffic & more traffic = higher ad revenue.

lets use internet economics in our favor. and no we here at wesawthat... arent dp's no 1 fans we dont always agree with mr rogers stance on some issues but we know from our experience with him (sending in news tips for example) that he does work hard to assemble a product thats informative as well as entertaining.

.mp3 file mentioned in the advocate story: http://www.thedeadpelican.com/bethcourtney.mp3