09 June 2012

greg aymond dead

UPDATE: sunday 17 june 2012:
click here to download gannett/alexandria daily town talk obituary and news report on greg aymond seven page .pdf [2.50 mb]

gregory ray "greg" aymond memorial at find-a-grave
gregory r. aymond obituary, sunday, 10 june 2012, alexandria daily town talk, page c5

ksyl talk back 970 with fred and bob, 11 june 2012, mention of greg aymond death -- click here to download .mp3 audio file [2.64 mb].
UPDATE: 2:21 pm cdt 09 june 2012:
click picture to enlargeclick here to view or print from john kramer & son funeral home website
UPDATE 1:53 pm cdt, saturday 09 june 2012: according to john kramer & son funeral home in alexandria, la., greg aymond died this morning.

funeral arraignments are: service at 11 am tuesday, 12 june 2012 at john kramer & son funeral home, alexandria, louisiana.

visitation from 5 - 9 pm monday, 11 june 2012 and from 8:30 am till time of service tuesday.

interment will be at forest lawn cemetery in ball, louisiana.

wst... has learned that greg aymond [www.centrallapolitics.blogspot.com] apparently has had a major stroke;

an operator at rapides regional medical center confirms to wst... that aymond is currently a patient there in the surgical icu.


UPDATE: admitted thursday, 08 march 2012 ... reportedly on a ventilator ... outlook ... grim ...

UPDATE-2 as of 11:19 am cdt, sunday, 11 march 2012, aymond is still in icu according to a patient information operator at rapides regional medical center.

UPDATE-3 as of 8:25 am cdt, monday, 12 march 2012, according to patient information, aymond remains in surgical icu at rapides regional medical center.

UPDATE-4 rosenfeld/madison ksyl talk back pre-show aymond stroke mention: click here then >> file >> then >> download .mp3 [1.06 mb].

UPDATE-5 via: twitter @reporterbruce

the greg aymond who is the subject of this post, should not be confused with new orleans archbishop gregory michael aymond. ||| view tweet
====UPDATE-6 gannett/the alexandria daily town talk, city notebook, sunday 18 march 2012
UPDATE-7 wednesday 28 march 2012: a caller into the ksyl talkback preshow wants to know if there are any updates on aymond's condition, to which bob madison replies that aymond is "still in icu, progressing slowly, responding slowly ... was told that this stroke was worse than the first one." click here to download clip [704 kb]
bret mccormick tweet 10 april 2012
originally posted on 09 march 2012 as "report: greg aymond near death"

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