25 June 2012

anti zionist rabbis congratulate mohammed morsi upon election as president of egypt

press released we just received from rabbi meir hirsh leader of neturei karta in occupied palestine.

Your Excellency, Mr. President, in your wonderful and exalted position as leader of the great nation of Egypt, may you stand courageous in revealing the truth about the evils of Zionism and condemning it, as this is of immense and immeasurable importance.


We, as Torah true Jews, oppose the very existence of the Zionist State of Israel. The Zionists do not represent the Jewish people in any manner whatsoever. They have no right to speak in the name of the Jewish people. Therefore, their words, their declarations and actions are not in any way representative of the Jewish people.

This is because the Zionist's seizing of power over the Holy Land is antithetical to Jewish law, and the Zionists do not behave like Jews at all. They desecrate the sanctity of the Holy Land.

In the near future, with the return of full Palestinian sovereignty over the entire Holy Land, we are confident, with the help of the Almighty, that the Palestinian regime will behave towards us with goodness and justice.

Just as those previous regimes in Palestine, though they were of the Islamic faith, still in all, they fully accepted the Jewish residents who where strict in the observance of the Jewish religion and so it will once more be relived; Jew and Arab will again coexist peacefully.

We, as religious Jews, will have the full right to practice our religion without any disturbances. Together we will work to see the blossoming of the Holy Land, to the prosperity of both peoples; Arabs and Jews alike, with trust, peace, and tranquility.

~ signed:
rabbi meir hirsch, leader, neturei karta, occupied palestine;
rabbi elhanan beck, leader, neturei karta, england;
rabbi yisorel dovid weiss, leader, neturei karta, usa.
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