24 June 2012

egyptians jubiliant as mohammed morsi becomes 1st freely elected president in history

tahrir square, cairo, egypt, live from 1803 [1103 cdt] sunday 24 june 2012

egypt electoral commission puts the turnout at 51.85%
some 13 million votes (51.73%) were cast in the runoff in favor of mohammed morsi.

the opponent ahmed shafiq received 48.27%

amongst other things, president-elect morsi along with his party, the muslim brotherhood, pledges to restore the country to civilian rule and to write a new constitution which will protect all egyptians, reports press tv correspondent, karim gamal el-deen.

UPDATED analysis: election of mohammed morsi in egypt: now that mohammed morsi has been elected president of egypt, what does it mean for the military rule over egypt? the palestinians, gaza, israel and the usa?

aired from 2030 cairo, egypt time sunday 24 june 2012.

egyptian president elect mohammed morsi address
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