22 June 2012

jimmy "the wizard" faircloth to represent louisiana state in piyush education reform litigation

@melindadeslatte tweets:

Not yet clear who hired Jimmy Faircloth to represent state in lawsuits over ‪#Jindal‬ education bills -- or how much he'll be paid. ‪#lalege
UPDATED #Jindal‬ spokesman says governor chose to hire his former executive counsel, Jimmy Faircloth, to represent state in voucher lawsuit. ‪#lalege ~ via @melindadeslatte

UPDATE-2 AG's office says decision to hire Jimmy Faircloth made "in communication with the administration." Contract details not complete. ‪#lalege ~ @melindadeslatte

UPDATE-3 APNewsbreak: Jindal ex-counsel hired to defend law
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  • gov piyush "bobby" jindal's executive counsel jimmy 'the wizard' faircloth still giving big money to piyush scammery
  • gov. piyush "bobby" jindal's executive counsel jimmy 'the wizard' faircloth one of the financiers behind radio ads slamming state rep. karen carter!
  • is jimmy "the wizard" faircloth a zionist puppet?
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  • piyush "mr. ethics bobby" jindal's executive counsel jimmy 'the wizard' faircloth sued for being 'unethical' & 'unscrupulous'
  • third circuit to city of pineville: produce rich dupree's emails on cd / dvd / flash drive!
  • city of pineville attorney also casino attorney

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