15 December 2005

about the most eventful day in saints history

this afternoon on ringside radio, mark clark from blackandgold.net told host jeff crouere that yesterday was the most eventful day in saints history.

first off saints owner tom benson told the team and staff that new orleans is unliveable. that the facilities on airline drive are occupied by fema and the federal government and that they arent useable. this is despite the fact that nfl commissioner paul tagliabue toured the facility just over a week ago and pronounced it in "first-class" condition.

clark told about saints quarterback aaron brooks how he had complained in a media interview monday about how awful the saints facilities are in san antonio, texas. jim haslett yesterday offered his resignation.

other tidbits include mr clark stating that he believes that "this is an organization thats in complete chaos thats being run by a man who might have dementia or may have alzheimers or something"

"the nfl is intently watching...this is really a tough time right now"

clark prediction: jim haslett will be coaching in buffalo next year.

to listen to the complete interview go here: http://www.freewebs.com/wesawthat2/