14 December 2005

gop chairman says blanco should step aside as governor

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gee, we have to agree. this press release is on http://www.thedeadpelican.com/SUEBLANCO.HTMits pretty strongly worded and you know he is right. the governor cancelling the orleans elections is one thing. however, when she made it indefinet (she didnt set a date) she went too far. this must be an impeachable offense. what we need to do now is to pressure the legislature to call themselves into session, impeach blanco, and pass the laws that we want passed. put the national guard around the capitol until its done. when the catholics elect a new pope the cardinals have to remain sequestered until a successor is named. how much more important is our state?

so this morning mr villere, chairmain of the louisiana republican party appeared on the moon griffon radio show to explain his press release. and we have the .mp3 here: http://www.freewebs.com/wesawthat if you would like to listen for yourself. notable callers include "chad from baton rouge", and c b forgotston. mr forgotston said that it would take too long to recall the governor and that we should focus on pressuring the legislature into calling itself into session and and changing the law (R.S.18:401.1) from which the governor gets the power to suspend elections with out date.