26 December 2005

bible code predictions for 2006

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Predictions for 2006


2006 is the date indicated by an angel to the prophet Daniel for the "time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations" (Daniel 12:1) the same words used by Jesus in Mathew 24:21.

Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri

In a lecture given yesterday (Tuesday 9/13/05) the elder Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri, called on world Jewry to come to Israel because of natural disasters that will take place in the near future. In the announcement Rav Kaduri says:
"I hereby find that it is necessary to pass this call to the ears of world Jewry, that they should come to the Land of Israel for the reason of the great dangers awaiting the world from the side of nature.
"In the future the Holy One, blessed be He, will bring great disasters in the countries of the world in order to sweeten the judgements of the Land of Israel.
"I instruct that this warning announcement be distributed in order that the Jews in the countries around the world be will know the real danger and will come to the Land of Israel, to the building of the Bais Hamikdash and to the revelation of Moshiach."
The Rav also revealed that the initials (rashei teivot) of the coming Hebrew year 5766 are "it will be a year of secret and revelation" ("tehiyeh shnat sod v'gilui").

Codes by Al Sutton

Codes by Lyuben Piperov

Come near Elijah! - 2006 - the world is the place of burning and God created the mourning.

8 of Tevet 5766 (8th Jan 2006) - He departed for the terror, day of night for the UN

The 23rd of May 2006, He judged! - It shall be an evil time in that day.

23rd May 2006

8th Ab 5766 (2nd Aug 2006), a fire like a terror.

3rd August 2006

Violent 3rd August 2006

4th August 2006 - Day of the sign.

You are worn out; bear up, you shall smite! World War - in 2006 - and they smite you!

And, poor me, shall you give a promise China? In 2006 shall you be still? Hey! They shot shots!

2006 - The War

2006 - The writing on the wall

The jewel and the stone; thus. In 2006 the proof.

The End, Ethiopia, in 2006, to her.

Master will come - 2006?

Rev 6:12 - 2006 comet - 6th seal

In 2006, as his bitterness - big stones - they will fall on open fields.

A bitter rough-edged rock in 2006

2006 matrix

2006 and 2010 asteroids - India burnt

Jerusalem - and the year 5766 (2006)

9 Av 766 (3rd August 2006)

Military draft USA 2006

A. Schwarzenegger - 2006

Exodus 2006 code