30 December 2005

ebay phishing email

this morning we received not one but two ebay phishing emails. it seems to go in circles first "they" will phish ebay and paypal then the bank phishing ones arrive those are the easiest to spot because we dont have an account at any of the banks lol anyway you name it and someone will try and phish it. if you ever want to get a good education about phishing the Anti-Phishing Working Group keeps a great website with everything you will need to know its here. they even have an email address where you can forward any phishing emails that you receive to them its: reportphishing@antiphishing.org and dont forget to CC your email to spam@uce.gov you should also send any and all spam emails you receive to spam@uce.gov. - anyway these are two good email addys to add to your address book - just in case.

heres the first tip off (besides the fact that we dont have an ebay account) our email address isnt chellybrown@msn.com;

the second tip-off is if you mouse-over the blue link in the email while at the same time looking down into your status bar you will see that it actually goes to another non-ebay website -they dont match - so its always a good idea to look down in the status bar and compare what you see there with the url you see within an email.

see the hidden true url on the status bar - lower left. its not an ebay url at all.

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