08 December 2005

Louisiana Reservoir of Corruption

pictured: louisiana state representative francis c thompson (d) dist 19

a reader sent us this email tonight and we have reproduced it below please take a few moments and read it.

In Hurricane ravaged Louisiana, drowning in water and political corruption, money flows to build 14 new Reservoirs. Gov. Kathleen Blanco supports waste of Billions with 150 natural and 30 man-made existing lakes.

Politicians using Eminent Domain and tax money are profiting. In 2001, Rep. Francis C. Thompson created House-Bill 1136 allowing sale of land taken by Eminent Domain to Third-Party. Thompson’s Cypress Cove at Poverty Point-LLC and his next-door neighbor are now selling Lakefront-lots.

Rep. Thompson is creating Reservoirs in Richland, Ouachita, Allen, Caldwell, Morehouse, and promoted them in Washington and other Parishes with $41,975,000 approved for 12 in 2004, and $55.2 million in 2005.

Poverty Point Reservoir, created 1992 by Rep. Thompson with brother Michael Thompson as consultant, built by Denmon Engineering has cost taxpayers $40 Million Dollars with $3.5 million approved for 2005.

Taxpayers paid $1.2 million for Poverty Point Island Lots development with $2.2 million keyed gate entry private road sold for $621,200 dollars to Thompson's neighbor.

Mike Thompson in real estate, former Delhi Mayor now Consultant receives $100,000 a year per lake for Allen, Washington, Morehouse, Caldwell, LaSalle, and has proposed Reservoirs in Ouachita, Jackson and Lincoln parishes. Nepotism, Cronyism, conflicts of interest, and ethics violations seem to exist.

Gov. Blanco's transition team member, Mike Thompson’s Commerce Industry Board position is questionable, and former business partner Terry Denmon, Vice Chairman of Wildlife-Fisheries lake-site selections may destroy Scenic streams, Wildlife, and Endangered species. Denmon, and Rep. Thompson both serve on Aquaculture Advisory Council. Brant Thompson, Rep. Thompson’s son is on Reservoir Commission.

Sen. Ben Nevers co-partner corporations with Commission, and Rep. Ritchie may profit from desecration of 5 cemeteries to build Washington Parish Reservoir. Should homes of old-poor and Churches be taken, Cemeteries destroyed, and Taxpayers spend $40-50 million a lake to make developers wealthy?

Model Lake, Poverty Point lacking natural flowing streams uses two 36-inch pumps drawing water from Bayou Macon, a ditch from Lake Chicot Arkansas, and 4 large-bore 16-inch Mississippi Alluvial Aquifer water wells as water source.

Great Real Estate deals brought to you by Louisiana’s Economic Development Policy, and use of Taxpayer's money. Politics as usual in the state of Louisiana.

References: Community Preservation Alliance Website: http://www.angelfire.com/gundam/reservoir/

James Moore


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