21 January 2011

dean martin asks the duke what he wants for his baby daughter

UPDATE: 21 january 2011 over the past week or so we've noticed an uptick in googlers [dean martin and the duke] arriving at this post. so we're bumping it back to the top.

UPDATE: 06 september 2010:
we added this clip to the internet archive. you can click here or the "external link" towards the bottom of this post to view it / download it from there.

we added this clip to youtube. a regular wst... reader emailed it to us with this note: "listen to the whole conversation between dean martin and the duke. the end is very enlightening." indeed.

the two movies that the duke and dean martin made together were 'the sons of katie elder' and 'rio bravo.'

the western that the duke mentions he was working on with kirk douglas must have been 'the war wagon.'

marisa, the duke's then eight month old daughter is marisa carmela wayne she was born on 22 february 1966 which means that this clip is taken from "the dean martin show" original air date: 27 october 1966.

if you would like a copy then click here to download the clip 5mb .wmv file or use zamzar the youtube url is at the source link below.