23 January 2011

city of alexandria, la. mayor jacques roy wikipedia entry vandalized

among other "news" in today's "city notebook" the gannett/the town talk repeater, bret h. mccormick, beneath the heading "'wiki' woes" tells how mayor roy's "online profile" [correct term: wikipedia entry] "recently was changed [correct term: vandalized] to take shots at the mayor."

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interestingly, as of the date and time of this post, the gannett/the town talk's website is displaying a link to the city notebook but the page is not there -- the link redirects to "story not found."

anyway, mr. mccormick goes on to write how "an anonymous user, [correct term: vandal] whose ip address traced to sturgis, ky., updated [correct term: vandalized] roy's profile [correct term: wikipedia entry] around 5 a.m. jan. 8 and included derogatory comments about roy and members of his family."

naturally, we were intrigued and it made us wonder why someone in sturgis, kentucky would be interested in alexandria, louisiana goings-on.

so we navigated over to mayor roy's wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacques_Roy;

then clicked on "view history" to pull up the revision history. there are only two revisions -- read instances of vandalism -- from 8 january 2011 -- one from 4:51 am and the second minutes later at 4:55 am.

both are from the ip address:

however, when we did a whois lookup of it resolves to an ip location in marksville, louisiana -- not sturgis, kentucky.

a traceroute also resolves to a host located in louisiana. as far as we can tell none of the hops even go through kentucky.

according to the revision history of jacques roy, the 8 january 2011 vandalism went unnoticed until 21 january 2011.

another interesting tidbit to be gleaned from the revision history is the five "revisions" made on 12 january 2010 from ip number:

that ip number resolves to a computer registered to state farm mutual automobile insurance company.

edited for typos at 12:05 pm cst 24 january 2011