09 January 2011

multiculturalism unveiled part 1

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Fundamentally challenges the term “Multiculturalism” and how this term is exploited in the Canadian political discourse.
noted and quoted:

"multiculturalism -- i think it's a bullshit concept."

"i dont know what it is. i dont know if its just a term that they made up to try to lure more ethnicities into the country and you know take away their backgrounds from them and have them work half assed jobs."

"the first time i went to a shopping mall ... supermarket, in ottawa an old white man told me 'you niggers are never gonna be as good as us.' are you going to tell me that's a multicultural society?

"when we say multiculturalism we can say yes in fact jail is very multicultural. go to the prison system you see all different types of shades and colors. but is that really worth anything?"

"it means one thing to be on the subway and hear different languages or on the street and hear different languages but what if those communities come and say 'hey, you know what? we want -- though our different languages, to also be part of the everyday curriculum.' then all of a sudden you've got a whole different set of claims."