26 January 2011

grant parish, la. sheriff baxter welch named as other man in divorce petition

the divorce petition of grant parish, louisiana resident david brian elias asserts that his wife heather denine tyler elias "committed adultery with baxter welch."

baxter welch is the sheriff of grant parish, louisiana.

sheriff welch is the second louisiana sheriff in recent months (the other being ouachita parish, sheriff royce toney) to be named as the "other man" in a divorce petition.

grant parish, la. sheriff named as other man in divorce petition
this petition was originally posted to the gannett/the town talk website here but it is not the complete petition. for some reason gannett/the town talk suppressed among other things -- the rule to show cause, service instructions as well as the complete petition including the prayer and verification.

see gannett/the town talk: grant parish divorce petition alleges deputy had affair with sheriff.

*also something else mysterious that we noticed: this petition asks for a louisiana code of civil procedure article 103 divorce -- however, when you navigate over to the official website of the louisiana state legislature www.legis.state.la.us containing the louisiana code of civil procedure at: www.legis.state.la.us/lss/lss.asp?folder=68 you notice that it suspiciously does not contain ccp 103.

8:40 am cst 26 january 2011: "bigdummy" in a comment here informs us that it's louisiana civil code not code of civil procedure. the louisiana civil code is here. louisiana civil code article 103 is here.

if you're wondering if adultery is a crime in louisiana -- according to lake charles, louisiana attorney, andrew casanave, it is not a crime.