03 January 2011

state senator rob marionneaux threatens to sue the daily kingfish blog

daily kingfish had ran a check of outstanding parking and traffic tickets on the city of new orleans official website nola.gov and found over $2,000 worth of unpaid parking/traffic tickets linked to what they thought was state senator rob marionneaux's legislative prestige license plate "LA17" and posted it.

not long afterward, daily kingfish received "several vaguely threatening emails from the senator's senate committee staff regarding the parking tickets issue."

eventually, dk received an electric letter from senator marionneaux himself threatening legal action unless dk retracted its post.

a few minutes ago wst... ran a check from nola.gov for unpaid traffic tickets registered to license plate "LA17"

click picture to enlarge

12:04 pm cdt 03 january 2011

in his letter to dk, senator marionneaux wrote that his vehicle has "never been registered with the state plate 'LA17'" and that he had his boys over at the city of new orleans parking ticket division as well as at the department of public safety and corrections, office of state police and office of motor vehicles look into the matter -- and wouldnt you know it -- each office confirmed that he does not have any outstanding violations on his driving record.

left unanswered in all this, is who is the owner of the prestige plate "LA17" and is it indeed a legislative prestige plate?

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