31 August 2009

citizen requests louisiana and mississippi peace officers and pawn brokers to be on the lookout for stolen things

please contact our emailer directly or your local sheriff's department if you have knowledge of this crime:

August 29, 2009

Charles L. Causey

PO Box 674

Brusly, LA 70719


This email letter is intended to Law enforcement offices of LA and MS. If this e-letter has been sent to the wrong department, please forward it for me. Or if it has been sent in error to other individuals, please disregard, it will not happen again.

I’m an ex city policeman and ex LA State Policeman and I desperately need your help to locate items stolen from my home, and to catch the rascal that took them. And because of the “particular” items taken, and the valuable items not taken, I believe that the thief knows me and may possibly be a felon.

I also believe strongly that the stolen items were taken directly to a pawnbroker. It is my hope that they, as a group, may have been pawned at the same shop. They should show up on a pawnbrokers list, probably between July 27 and August 24, 2009.

The list includes:

1) A 1974 LSU graduation ring. Gold with 74 on one side and BS on the other. It has a red oval center stone. Initials "CLC" may still be visible on inside.

2) A climbing "Buckshot" deer stand. Welded aluminum. Army green, black seat.

3) One small Zebco rod and reel.

4) Five Shimano Curado dark green casting reels connected to assorted name brand rods that include 2 new APEX titanium rods (may support name, RODSMITHS).

5) Almost new Poulan chain saw named "WILD THING" still in case.

6) Two (2) Ryobi weed trimmers.
Items "purposely" passed over by the thief, (not taken) include 5 assorted rifles and shotguns, a new 357 revolver, a $700 generator, a 220 Kawasaki 4-wheeler, new riding 42 inch Craftsman lawnmower, crossbow and scope, and the list goes on.

Therefore, I strongly believe that this person is a felon (left my guns) and/or knew me personally and was therefore a "considerate" "nice guy" thief. Took one chain saw and left another one laying side by side.

I will be very, very grateful if you pass this information on to your detectives that check your "pawned" list.

I will be very grateful,

Charles L. Causey