19 August 2009

UPDATED report: obama granny practicing santeria in the white house

we followed a link from rense.com to townnhall.com and the blog of kristen atkinson to find this amusing story.

according to ms. atkinson, marian robinson the mother of michelle obama; who lives with the first family invited a friend of hers from chicago to the white house and they performed a santeria ritual together. this is all according to an unnamed "close friend of michelle obama."

happily though for us christian-americans, the president is furious! he wants his daughters raised with christian influences and the president even threatened to run his mother-in-law's ass back to chicago.

we dunno yet if this story will gain any traction in the wingnutterosphere (read some of the comments) but it shouldnt (even if it is true) when after all, it was ronnie raygun who had his own psychic on call. "what does joan say?" ronnie would inquire of everyone.

donald regan, the former white house chief of staff, wrote all about in 1988. in his book "for the record: from wall street to washington."

the reagan's even went to far as to only do things, like travel, sign documents and approve laws, give speeches and have meetings as long as it had the best forecast in the stars. some things they did, they had timed down to the exact second.

theres nothing new under the sun and americans have allowed ourselves to be seduced by familiar spirits for decades.

UPDATE: looks like townhall.com removed the blog post. we have a text copy here in .pdf [15 kb].

some websites that mentioned the article "witchcraft in the white house"