11 August 2009

rino state senator a g crowe to host breakfast with gold bug congressman ron paul at new orleans 03 september 2009

ron paul is the so called texas "maverick republican" who responding to a question about 911 at the 10 january 2008, myrtle beach, south carolina republican candidates presidential debate revealed himself to be the establishment's controlled opposition candidate.

congressman paul's treachery has been well documented by many websites like christopher jon bjerknes and eric hufschmid.

at eight o'clock a.m. on thursday 03 september 2009, congressman paul is joined by a homegrown louisiana rino and gop fraudster -- senator a.g. crowe, for a breakfast/briefing at the best western landmark hotel in metairie.

the purpose of the breakfast/briefing seems to be to give atta boys to senator crowe for his worthless senate concurrent resolution no. 2 just passed this session. (2009) as well as to promote congressman paul's new book "end the fed." a ticket is $65.00. contact heather hand, louisiana state co-coordinator: campaign for liberty.

senator crowe's senate concurrent resolution no. 2 is worthless and is hardly worth lauding.

one reason that scr 2 is worthless is because it doesnt address the u.s. supreme court ruling in wickard v. filburn, 317 u.s. 111 (1942). mr. wickard was an ohio farmer who signed up for a wheat allotment under the agricultural adjustment act of 1938.

the allotment meant that: "the farmer who planted within his allotment was in effect guaranteed a minimum return much above what his wheat would have brought if sold on a world market basis." mr. wickard planted about 12 acres over his allotment. the extra was to feed his farm animals with.

thanks to a probably intentionally flawed interpretation of the commerce clause, his fine for growing over his allotment was upheld. the several states were also stuck with the new federal maxim: "it is hardly lack of due process for the government to regulate that which it subsidizes.."

the supreme court legalized extortion, bribery and blackmail. for instance,
the federal government wants everyone to have to wear a seatbelt - they just withhold highway funds until that state passes the law that the feds want. and on and on. the tenth amendment has been dead for a long time.

president obama's stimulus package wasnt about saving the economy so much as it was to further federalize the several states; binding them ever tighter to washington.

so nothing is ever going to change unless a law is passed to nullify it or the supreme court reverses this decision.

senator crowe's resolution is also not quite worthless when you consider what it cost the taxpayer to foot the bills passage through the legislative process -- especially when you realize that its redundant --

louisiana already has a state sovereignty amendment enshrined in the state constitution!

louisiana secretary of state multi-parish elections inquiry
official elections results for election date:03 october 1998

Article 1. §26. State Sovereignty

Section 26. The people of this state have the sole and exclusive right of governing themselves as a free and sovereign state; and do, and forever hereafter shall, exercise and enjoy every power, jurisdiction, and right, pertaining thereto, which is not, or may not hereafter be, by them expressly delegated to the United States of America in congress assembled.

Acts 1997, No. 1494, §1, approved Oct. 3, 1998, eff. Nov. 5, 1998.
this act by j. lomax jordan, jr., is a trick too. it doesnt even mention the federal constitution and bill of rights and it implies that our rights can be taken away by a simple act of congress!

so if louisiana has had a state sovereignty amendment on the books for some twelve years then why is senator crowe and the loony looziana legislature wasting all this time and money to do this over again? why not under the current louisiana constitution dont they just say we're a
sovereign state; we dont want any of your dirty federal money and get out of our state.

could it be because a.g. crowe is just another criminal con-artist? on the one hand using the republican party and its platform to trick the hillbillies in his district into voting for him -- while the other has got their attention diverted onto his useless legislation to make them think he is actually accomplishing anything honest and worthwhile?

senator a.g. crowe is the height of hypocrisy!

while scr 2 did receive some media coverage one of senator crowe's other resolutions senate concurrent resolution no. 51 didnt receive much, if any.

scr 51 "memorializes the united states congress to take such actions as are necessary to appropriate funds specifically for the storm-proofing of interior pump stations in the parishes of st. bernard and plaquemines."

we hope these pump stations are funded but isnt it kinda hypocritical for senator crowe on the one hand telling congress to leave us alone, we dont want your help -- then on the other, demanding congress to fund something?

imagine what a guffaw speaker pelosi, leader reid and their staffs are going to have at the louisiana people's expense when this garbage hits their desks.

both resolutions passed the senate and house overwhelmingly. these loony looziana legislators have no sense of decency or shame.