18 August 2009

michigan open carry picnic

the blogprof
via what really happened

citizens in and around macomb township, michigan organized an open carry picnic in their macomb corners park.

however, macomb township has an ordinance that bans firearms in public parks and they claimed, erroneously as it were, that their ordinance prevailed over the michigan constitution and michigan compiled laws.

that was before john roshek, southeast regional coordinator of michigan open carry, brought to the attention of local officials, the 29 april 2003 michigan court of appeals opinion in michigan coalition for responsible gun owners, jean bruce, alexander kasa and greg neu v. city of ferndale and karen pedro.

in the ferndale case, the city of ferndale, michigan, in november 2001, enacted ordinance no. 945, which prohibited citizens from among other things "the possession or concealment of weapons in all buildings located in ferndale that are owned or controlled by the city."

third district judge joel p. hoekstra writing for the three judge panel, which included second district judge kathleen jansen and judge hilda r. gage (now retired) said that the city of ferndale not only violated michigan compiled laws at section 123.1102 but that the city had no authority to preempt state law.

the court further pointed out that the statute "specifically prohibits local units of government from enacting and enforcing any ordinances or regulations pertaining to the transportation and possession of firearms, and thus preempts any ordinance or regulation of a local unit of government concerning these areas."

click here to download eleven page .pdf [57 kb]
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michigan court of appeals website.
the result of all this was that the people were able to hold their picnic and a local blogger who calls himself the blogprof went out to see what all the fuss was over and came back with pictures.

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the police showed up more than half-way through. not to check licenses or anything, but to ask questions about their own rights! some police personnel, apparently, themselves do not know that they can open carry in the state of michigan.
here's a pic of the blogprof (R) and one of the organizers
the blogprof in his blog post opening writes:
"what is it with liberals and gun rights. liberals simply cannot find an individual right to carry in the u.s. constitution, even though it is explicitly cited in amendments that specifically address only individual rights, but can find a right to abortion which is somehow invisibly inserted somewhere in the same document."
but it's wrong to cast those that are working to take-away our freedoms by diminishing, subverting or nullifying federal, state consitutions and statutes as only "liberals."

we've seen over and over again in past years (and up to the present) that there are just as many (if not more) of these who call themselves "conservatives" or "republicans" do not hesitate to subvert the constitution and are working just as hard to enslave us as the so called liberals are.

so call them all what they are -- criminals. until the people demand that the police investigate them and charge them with treason and/or violating their oath of office nothing much is ever going to change.

why didnt the city councils, mayors, city attorneys, police chiefs and sheriffs of the localities where these two piss-ant towns are located in, already know the michigan compiled laws and that these ordinances were illegal?

its because they were going to do what they wanted to do and to hell with the law and the people. they are criminals.
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macomb township tries to repeal 2nd amendment, fails epically
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