04 August 2009

damon 'bad vote' baldone turned back

encouraging election results from the voters of la. senate district 20 (one page .pdf [316 kb]) who, saturday, turned back the candidacy of one state representative, damon baldone. the one bad thing about the election though, is that of the run-off candidates: one is a republican and the other a democrat.

too bad they're not both other or no party instead of the criminal and criminal parties.

hopefully, more and more residents of dist. 20 who call places like golden meadow, galliano, cut off, houma, dulac and bayou cane home, are starting to wake-up and realize that no member of the loony looziana legislature is deserving of a promotion to anything -- including in 2011 reelection to their current office.

the entire legislative as well as the executive branches of louisiana state government should be looked upon as the unindicted co-conspirators of a huge organized crime gang that has infiltrated and taken over both branches.

if the legislative as well as the executive branches were full of honest, respectable people working together to create a better louisiana then doesnt it make sense that at least fifty percent of the time they would "err" on the side of right? in other words, at least half the laws, rules and regulations they would pass would be beneficial to the people in helping to create a better louisiana.

instead they lay one stumblingblock after another in front of the people. they are all working together to steal our money by creating out of thin air (kinda like how the privately owned federal reserve system creates money from nothing) taxes and fees to give our money in most cases outright, to their criminal friends or to the other criminals in state government to steal or to enlarge their own crime gangs with.

from nothing, they create crimes, rules and regulations to steal our freedoms and to control us with too. they have their own police force (and lots of willing parish sheriff's on their payroll) and their own army to enforce their criminality.

between the criminals in state government and the criminals in control of the federal government they have it fixed so that no person can live through an entire day without breaking at least one law, rule or regulation -- many with criminal liability, including jail time attached.

'america land of the free and home of the brave' is nothing more than a marketing slogan and means about as much as "i am cuckoo for cocoa puffs."

even though the majority of people are ignoring the political - governmental crime gangs, there is a growing minority that is becoming aware of what is going on. one of these days there is going to be so many millions of angry people that the police and military will be forced to investigate.

louisiana secretary of state unofficial election results inquiry results for election date: 01 august 2009