15 December 2009

1st orleans mayoral debate forum 15 december 2009

length 56:59


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this is a very entertaining and almost eclectic group. all-in-all it was a very good forum. since we dont give a damn about the democrats or rethuglicans and would never vote for one when there is another choice, we were very pleased to see the independents receive pretty fair coverage. norbert p. rome was the only third party candidate who didnt participate.

of the independents there is first jonah bascle -- he says that he is mostly running to bring awareness to the lack of access for all to new orleans. particularly, with the st. charles streetcars lack of handicapped access. "new orleans is dysfunctional" and you "cant get anything done" he said.

jerry jacobs was asked: what would you do to address the racial divide in new orleans? he believes that it all comes back to "finances and crime." he points out that all the other candidates all they talk about is doing is hiring more consultants to do more studies and never get anything done. he believes that if you legalize marijuana that will cut a great deal of the crime that nopd has to respond to now. resulting in a falling crime rate which will save money as well as free up the police, jails and court system to deal with violent crime. also taxing marijuana will bring in a lot of money to help out as well. norman robinson said "so legalize marijuana and everybody will just chill, all the races will be cool - because they're more mellow." lol

all of the candidates got caught looking in a couple of questions (that were eerily familiar to the time the late gas bag tim russert caught david duke with his pants down on meet the press) when none could answer what the dollar amount the city is in bonded indebtedness for? correct answer $524 million. or what percentage is the city's cut of the parishes 9% sales tax? 2.5%

manny bruno believes that corruption is the biggest problem facing new orleans. "how can we stop crime when our elected officials, our police officers are committing crimes themselves?" mr. bruno also wants to legalize marijuana and "tax the hell out of it." use that revenue on the city's infrastructure.

the question on what is the candidates specific strategy for reducing blight was pretty good. we especially liked mr. bascle's answer which was that they could turn blighted areas into "community urban garden plots... so that the citizens could grow their own food and create our own economy that way."

so if you live in new orleans vote for one of these guys and forget about the rest of those polished turds.