18 December 2009

one of two oldest log homesteads in louisiana listed on national register of historic places

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washington parish's moore, bouey homestead circa mid 1800's
hi-res photos: jalon pittman beech

wst... has learned that on 08 december 2009 [6 page .pdf 27 kb] the national park service -- national register of historic places, listed the moore, bouey, homestead, located at 19068 moore road., near franklinton, washington parish, louisiana. it was assigned the national park service reference number of 09001059. see also federal register two page .pdf [48 kb].

one of the family members responsible for their homeplace, jalon beech, said:
"it is my understanding that our home is one of two log homes that is on its original land site in the state of louisiana. our old home is in the heart of washington parish where it needs to stay.

this act should make it more difficult for the washington parish reservoir commission or any other government entity to expropriate our property. nothing is sacred with our government these days, but this should help our cause.

my family and neighbors appreciate all of the support that we have gotten over the last few years in our effort to fight the injustice of an unwanted and unneeded reservoir/pleasure lake. the fight continues."
the national register of historic places is the feds official list of the nation's historic places worthy of preservation.


this lpb report from 2005 which features some footage of the homestead and moore - pittman family members said that over a dozen homes, including the historic moore, bouey homestead and seven cemeteries are in danger of being expropriated by the state of louisiana to build a 3,000 + acres [1,200 hectares] pleasure reservoir.