07 December 2009

steve coco: it's time to start shooting the thugs

in a tersely worded, well prosed post to this cenlanews blog, steve coco says something we can all agree on.

to those who might question whether mr. coco goes too far -- the answer no. not at all -- in fact his plea is the most reasonable.

it reminded us of our 'no guns for negroes' post of 15 june 2009 about the video that the jews for the preservation of firearms ownership made about the suppression of gun ownership in the black community from slavery and emancipation, jim crow, the civil rights movement right up to todays political correctness and the tremendous black-on-black crime its led too.

we also learn from that vid about a louisiana outfit: deacons for defense and justice. an armed militia type group made up of black men to keep law and order in their communities.

in these days, we believe that the formation of these types of organizations should be revisited. -- not just in the black community but in all communities.

so while we wholeheartedly agree with mr. coco's opening line: "it's time to start shooting thugs who rob pizza delivery drivers." as well as his posts' premise, we qualify it by pointing out that it's first and foremost up to the god-fearing, law-abiding, peace-loving residents of a community, to police their own neighborhood to protect their women, children, property and reputation from these murdering, thieving thugs.

"the black community went from being disarmed, being mistreated, being enslaved, because of a lack of access to guns. ultimately went through a period of saying 'a-ha! we have the right to bear arms we better ensure it's respected' to a period where now -- a gun is the main tool of the narco economy -- which is the only economy in the african-american community.

why is the gang-banger who has a saturday night special in his pocket given more rights than the average everyday citizen? even though he was illegally armed he has a right to defend himself and you have not the ability to defend yourself." ralph w. conner, chairman, congress of racial equality no guns for negroes
a recent gannett/the town talk commenter made this observation beneath an alexandria, la. crime report.
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