14 December 2009

klarens tatum is no tip-toe burglar

heres a run of the mill crime report about a person who the police believe is responsible for a string of burglaries in downtown alexandria, la.

the police say they caught him inside the rapides parish library and his muddy shoes and foot prints helped link him to the other break-ins.

we thought it was pretty kewt how kalb's videographer, sherman desselle interspersed footage of someones shoes walking around. it reminded us of an old sanford and son episode in which fred after pilfering around his house found a hidden present to him from lamont that rollo had acquired.

fred thinks that rollo had stolen the ring from frank sinatra after smitty and hoppy describe a similar looking ring as fred's that was stolen from sinatra's hotel room by the tip-toe burglar.


ol' brown eyes
sanford and son #65
season four episode three
original air date 27 september 1974