21 December 2009

a shocking case of animal neglect in alexandria, la?

UPDATE: 13 march 2010: the person who posted this video informs us that s/he was the one who actually fed the puppies.

somehow we stumbled across this vid from the related videos box in our account at youtube.com. although the youtuber cloversweed in the description box at the videos watch page lays the fault of these apparently 8 abandoned or neglected dachshund puppies -- hence the term 8dots in the title -- at the feet of city of alexandria, la. mayor jacques roy, from what we see on the vid we're not ready to make that leap.

for one thing we're not convinced that the puppies are actually, truly abandoned or neglected.

the puppies arent terribly thin -- a few of them could be wormy though. all the puppies that we can see appear to be active, playful and energetic.

at the very beginning of the video the house is numbered 1920 that part of the video shows a regular residential neighborhood. whoever that is talking on the video says that the animal shelter has been there before so the house should be easy enough to find.

the person in the video says that there were nine puppies before and now only eight suggesting something ominous. but all that could mean is that whoever owns the puppies is just leaving them there until they can sell or give them away. maybe thats why there were eight this time because they sold one. it seems that you would be able to smell or see signs of a dead puppy nearby.

the vid titled "ANIMAL ABUSE: ABANDONMENT is MEAN INTENT......8DOTSLEFT.. (Alexandria Louisiana Mayor Jacques Roy)" was added to youtube on 20 november 2009 and has already received an incredible 934 views.

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