26 February 2010

c.b. forgotston on moon griffon show

louisiana blogger c.b. forgotston talks about how the louisiana legislature continues to fund the ngo (non-governmental organizations) scam.

moon griffon wonders why its always the feds who have to come in (to louisiana) and do anything that has to do with law enforcement, why do the feds always have to come in?

"district attorneys in the state dont have a good track record of prosecuting politicians for wrong-doing and they just dont do it and so the feds have to do it -- thank goodness we have somebody -- but the district attorneys have jurisdiction over all of this.

the district attorney could have prosecuted the jeffersons for ripping off the state. they dont. thats one of the reasons that this (corruption) is so prolific around the state is the fact that there is no scrutiny by the state and there is no prosecution by the local district attorneys." ~ louisiana political blogger and attorney c.b. forgotston 26 february 2010 on the moon griffon show
a caller "derrick from alexandria" wants to have his memory refreshed from the time of piyush "bobby" jindal's ethics charge and the fine he paid.

another caller "fred in bossier city" says that he recently called pizza hut to order a pizza and his order was attempted to be taken by an operator answering his call from in the philippines!

fred says that the number he dialed is "742-8888 no one, no area code or nothing."

the thing is though -- is that according to google that number belongs to vincent general store, 1000 northgate road, bossier city, la.

a pizza hut store in bossier city, la. at 2216 benton rd, has the number of (318) 746-8888.

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