15 February 2010

mainstream marketwatch - prepare for the end of america

via what really happened

A mainstream news source owned by Rupert Murdock is parading the view that the U.S. will soon enter into a 2nd Revolution.
Mainstream financial news source MarketWatch is telling Americans to prepare for the worst, the end of America.

In their article, "How to invest for a global-debt-bomb explosion," not only do they talk about the coming total economic collapse but they admit that there is a cabal of elite who are orchestrating it.

Author of the article, Paul Farrell, extends the view as if it is widely accepted, that there is a "Happy Conspiracy" of global elitists who are operating behind the scenes to create a coming major economic disaster.

The article encourages people to prepare by stockpiling necessities because a 2nd American Revolution is imminent. ~ read more