17 February 2010

von jennings for mayor of alexandria la

kalb's mike magnoli had von jennings on their 6 pm broadcast last night to kinda sorta announce her candidacy for mayor.

you have to stop and wonder though could this be a trick? could ms. jennings be controlled opposition in an attempt to split the black vote to reelect mayor roy?

this could help explain why certain local blogs, websites and media outlets are doing all this fear mongering over the so called levee de-accreditation. are they pretending to criticize the mayor about the levees (as well as cleco) now in order to praise him later this year? will "he saved us from the levees" become a campaign slogan?

just because right now certain bloggers and news outlets pretend to be fighting with the mayor as well as some with each other -- doesnt mean that they arent secretly working together with the mayor. they have in the past.

besides, no one has explained how a piece of paper filed late or incorrectly will affect the actual levees this spring when all of the heavy snow packs up north begin to melt and drain this way.

doesnt it make sense that if they were really worried about the levees they would be out there working diligently to repair them and not fighting over a piece of paper?

its been nearly a year to the day that it was reported that the "administration" (mayor roy and his gang) hired magnum pi his cousin mark gravel with gravel investigation to follow ms. jennings around to get the goods on her supposedly so she would be a blackmailed puppet when the mayor fired her.

wasnt it around the same time that the mayor was investigating ms. jennings that some on the city council suddenly became extremely docile towards the administration?

in june several mysteriously reversed themselves and sustained mayor roy's veto to allow his 100+ million dollar bonded indebtedness sparc wealth transfer scheme go forward. (financed by a slave tax).
notice how kalb/mr. magnoli recall the city's private investigator assigned to "tail" ms. jennings, reporting that "documents were made available to kalb -- by the city, newschannel five did not go to air with any of those materials." so kalb admits that they have the private investigator documents -- but are suppressing them! wtf kinda news reporting is that? what other information is kalb suppressing that they arent telling us about?

is kalb really interested in getting to the bottom of this story and reporting it -- or are they more interested in titillating their viewers like a bunch of stupid animals?