12 February 2010

tea party founder gets a clue rejects sarah palin, newt gingrich et al

we received this from off another email list we were added to -- despite what it says we're not members of the tea party. in the past we've pretty much jeered the tea party movement because we figured thats just what would happen. it would be quickly usurped by the same old rino, fakes, freaks, perverts, criminals and phonies.

so we were surprised to see that someone is recognizing the infiltration and speaking out against it. maybe others will too...
Dale Robertson – President/Founder – www.TeaParty.org

I am sending an alarm to the Tea Party membership! Be alert to turncoats and deceivers being herded into the Tea Party by usurpers from the weakened Republican Party for the sole purpose of capturing our populist movement.

Our political ideals were once theirs and our immense growth has created a lusting for their good old days!

Sarah Palin's well delivered speech and her attractive demeanor is little more than a veneer for her less attractive political philosophy.

She seems more like a duck out of water among true Conservative Constitutionalists.

Palin demonstrates her NeoCon flippant viewpoint and her naivete as she seems envious of the swelled numbers of Patriots pledging their allegiance, to of all things, AMERICA and not a to kool-aid ridden political dinosaur. ~ read more
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chuck baldwin (chuck baldwin has some good information and ideas about some things -- but he's not totally trustworthy because he promotes the new world order/illuminati nonsense, ignores israel and zionism and promotes ron paul and israeli agents like joseph farah)
a warning to the tea party nation
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