27 May 2010

deepwater horizon oil catastrophe 'oil rain'

a couple of days ago we wondered about the possibility of, god forbid, a hurricane coming through the gulf of mexico; churning up spilled oil and dispersing it in the rain across north america.

last night in this report we noticed that the nola.com commenter "stormy787" was wondering the same thing.

stormy wrote:

What is the chance of "oil rain" happening if a hurricane comes our way in New Orleans or other regions of the gulf. Could this cause our drinking water to become un-drinkable? Oil on crops? Cattle not able to graze? Many here are getting very concerned about this. Has anyone addressed this yet?
and then linked to this post on fastertimes.com: "will hurricane season mean 'oilmageddon' for the united states?"

The concept of “oil rain” is based on the idea that “micro-droplets” of oil will be small enough to be be sucked into a developing storm. And what is one of the primary methods being used in the Gulf right now? ”Dispersants” that break oil into micro-droplets.~ read more
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deepwater horizon oil catastrophe
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