21 May 2010

dishonest hit piece on helena moreno: fail

sooo both of these candidates likely suck.

they're the only ones on the runoff ballot too.. helena moreno was in a car wreck on 14 october 2002. she t-boned a car that ran through a stop. there was a fatality. whether the investigation then was a cover-up who knows but it doesnt seem likely.

ms. moreno was a repeater for a new orleans television station. she quit that ... and eventually ran against wm. jefferson. now she finished second primary to move into the runoff for dist #93 state representative to replace the big liberal tax and spender karen carter peterson; who was foolishly elevated by special election to the state senate after the resignation of cheryl gray evans.

ms. moreno's opponent in the runoff is james perry. mr. perry recently ran for mayor of orleans and at first his campaign tactics shook up the "elite" so badly that they had to bring in mitch landrieu. mayor landrieu at the time was the lieutenant governor.

in the fall there will be a statewide special election to fill the lt. governor vacancy. we had hoped that they would abolish the office at least until the regular election.

bananas foster a/k/a foster l. campbell, public service commissioner, recently has said there is a 50% chance of his running. we would strongly consider voting for him if there are no third party candidates to choose from.

the flamboyantly liberal rino jay dardenne certainly doesnt deserve it.

regarding rehashing ms. moreno's accident, orleans media makes it pretty clear that mr. perry and his operatives that fell far short with their reach.

so mr. perry, apparently and this part needs to be checked who filed an la. r.s. 44:1 et seq public records request to the new orleans police department traffic fatality unit.

perry operatives emailed it around to various orleans media outlets and this is the part that we dont like -- according to the lens, who apparently, filed their own public records request which runs to seventy-three pages and compared them:

mr. perry's so called "summary." they found it left out some 15 pages of the official record.
click here for complete seventy-three page .pdf [8.37mb]

yesterday, ms. moreno filed a complaint in civil district court claiming that
perry violated the state election code by making false claims about her, causing "irreparable injury." it asks a judge to order perry to discontinue the "damaging conduct" and fine him $500, the maximum allowed, plus legal fees.
the tp says that no hearing date has been set down.

.... the other candidate ... the one who finished 3rd in the just completed primary ... is reportedly preparing his own fraud complaint against mr. perry too ...

louis charbonnett, iii, a lifelong democrat, and former state representative, told michelle krupa, a reporter with the times-picayune that mr. perry, on primary eve, passed out a flier which claimed charbonnett was a republican and he was in tight with jorge dubya boosh and piyush scam. LOL

so mr. perry is a freak. can you imagine this clown trying to talk shit on the state house floor? he's a con-artist now and would fit right in.

and all mr. perry has shown so far is that he is clever at lying and pulling scams. how is his gift going to help create a better louisiana?

we're not sure about ms. moreno either. maybe she's honest since she quit the msm.or not. ms. moreno is making a mistake though by canceling candidate forums and debates. she needs to face and show up mr. perry rather than play into his hands and appear weak. people are hesitant to vote for a dishrag.
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