16 May 2010

lindsey williams on the deepwater horizon oil catastrophe

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lindsey williams has been a baptist preacher who went to alaska in the early '70's as a missionary. in 1974 the trans-alaska oil pipeline began construction and mr. williams volunteered to be the pipeline's chaplain.

mr. williams eventually became an executive in the alyeska pipeline company, where this status accorded to him as chaplain gave him access to the top movers and shakers of the oil industry and the world.

mr. williams says that over the years he has kept in contact with at least one of these "elites"as he chooses to refer to them as and who pass along interesting inside information as to what they've planned for the world.

anyway, mr. williams was on the jeff rense radio program on 11 may 2010 to give his opinion about what is taking place off the coast of louisiana and the deepwater horizon oil catastrophe.

one of mr. williams observations that we found particularly interesting was when he pointed out that news reports never give the well pressure. they tell how much oil is leaking but never under what amount of pressure.

mr. williams says that there was no reason for this catastrophe whatsoever. "they were trying something that even modern-day science could not contain and this is an outrage. it should never have taken place.

first of all, they were drilling in five thousand feet [1,524 meters] water; the drill rig itself -- the platform was sitting in 5,000 feet; they drilled down approx 30,000' [9,144 meters] into the earth's crust -- this is unthinkable.

this time they hit a pocket of oil with such high pressure that it burst all their safety valves. the pressure behind this oil is so high that it destroyed the maximum effort of human science to contain it."

mr. willliams says that bp was trying a similar maneuver to what the russians did with their kola sg-3 wells. "they drilled it to the deepest that any human drilling rig has ever gone. they went to 40,230 feet [12,262 meters] but they were on the land and if anything had happened the oil spill could have contained within the land.

here bp oil company was attempting to do this in the ocean. they were attempting to do very much like what the russians did in going down into a strata of oil that no one has ever drilled into prior to the russians doing it and they found something alright. they sure did. they found something they didnt expect."

mr. williams says that the russians kola sg-3 wells "found massive amounts of crude oil. russia today has become one of the leading sources of crude oil on the face of the earth. it not only provided russia with the crude oil necessary but it caused the rewriting of the text books on crude oil. first of all, crude oil is not a fossil fuel. russia proved this when they went down there.

they went down to a depth where it was a total impossibility for there to be any decayed matter that would cause such a thing and what they found was massive. oil of the immensity that no human being has ever even dreamed of before"

mr. williams said that "what russia found out was that oil is not a fossil fuel and that it is being created by some chemical process down in the heart of the earth and they're not quite sure what it is ... but it is replenishing itself in such a manner that it is likewise seeping up into the upper fields replenishing them."

mr. williams believes that bp was "basically trying to do the same thing that the russians had done and hit that massive amount of oil that was down there somewhere in the depths and they did. they hit exactly what they wanted to hit but they didnt expect what they got .... there is no telling what they have struck down there.

it definitely proves that there is no such thing as peak oil. we have all the oil the world could ever need. it didnt need to be drilled in the gulf of mexico it could have been drilled someplace else and found just as the russians did by doing it on land and as a result they have created a monstrous catastrophe that is going to impact the world in such a way that our grand children and great-great grandchildren probably are going to be affected by what is done, but they have found massive amounts of oil ... they've opened up a pandora's box."
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