31 May 2010

storm moving into gulf of mexico

UPDATE: 8:31 am cdt 02 june 2010 hurricanes.gov reports a -0-% chance of this system becoming a tropical storm in the next forty-eight hours. elsewhere, tropical cyclone formation is not expected during the next forty-eight hours.

UPDATE: 8:14 am cdt tuesday 01 june 2010: hurricanes.gov give this system a low chance of 10% of becoming a tropical cyclone during the next forty-eight hours.
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UPDATE: the storm seems to be dissipating...
goes east/west hurricane sectors gulf of mexico

[2145 utc/gmt] visible - flash

[2345 utc/gmt] dissipation could be confused with nightfall.
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[7:54 pm cdt] hurricanes.gov still says "no tropical cyclones at this time."