20 May 2010

deepwater horizon oil catastrophe: 'violent hurricanes could hamper oil spill clean-up'

this report out of the uk independant is like a great big duh! but what we wonder about is that if a hurricane does come up the gulf; through the oil catastrophe could it possibly churn up the oil into itself and disperse it in the rainfall across north america?

wouldnt that be a kick-in-the-pants if much of the usa's farmland is poisoned and what about wildlife, etc.

the report speculates that

"[I]t is possible that oil on the surface could impede heat transfer into the atmosphere and therefore lessen the intensity of any hurricane that enters the Gulf."
on the other hand, a commenter in the tampa, florida area posted this message to the mysterious "earth watchers" forum, that yesterday, (19 may 2010) it sprinkled oil mixed in with rain on her car.

in any event, hurricane season begins on 01 june and runs through 30 november 2010.