13 May 2011

blogger is currently unavailable

if you're wondering why no blogspot.com blogs have updated for the past 20.5 hours -- it's because blogger has been "unavailable."

access was restored today around 12:30 pm cdt.

UPDATE: apparently, during this issue some posts (from 11 may 2011) were removed from most if not all blogs; we've noticed at least one such missing post.

we found that post in drafts and so we republished it and it seems to be live ... for now anyway.

so if you saw a post on here and now its gone, this is the reason; we didnt remove it.

now we've noticed that there is another recent post that is missing however it's not in drafts.
UPDATE-2 3:47 pm cdt: it seems that all of our posts have been restored. we had forgotten about our red river at alexandria - pineville louisiana 11 may 2011 post. it was temporarily removed too, but since restored.
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see blogger is back from the blogger buzz blog.
twitter has been "over capacity" a/k/a "experiencing site stability issues," most of the morning and now into the afternoon (cdt) it all must be a friday the 13th thing.