06 May 2011

meme that sheriff wagner lowered patrols to rural rapides parish, la., R false

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this morning [730-8] on the ksyl talk back preshow [podcast friday's show when/if available] a caller phoned in to recite the old line that rapides parish, la., sheriff chuck wagner stopped the rural patrol and closed substations.

while we're not totally sure about substation closings, we havent heard of any closing, the part about sheriff wagner decreasing or stopping the rural patrol is provably wrong.

under the previous sheriff, who was sheriff for sixteen years, william earl hilton, rural areas rarely saw a patrol car go by, which is not a bad thing -- no one is complaining about that. but, why would wagner detractors insist in repeating this line when anyone who lives in a rural area of rapides parish can tell you that sheriff wagner has not in any way that a regular citizen can tell, stopped or cut back rural patrol but in fact appears to have implemented one!

since sheriff wagner came into office three years ago, its become routine for rural rapides parish residents to see a sheriff deputy over the course of the day out on patrol 4 - 6 times. over night probably more.

the rural patrol deputies that we've personally encountered have been extremely helpful and kind. when we had jury duty the bailiffs and other court personnel under the sheriff were all very professional and courteous in moving things along.

for the record though, the rapides parish sheriff's office has had great people as far back as we can remember to sheriff marshall t. cappel.

as far as closing the substations, if any were indeed closed, perhaps, rpso is converting that money into manpower for rural patrols.

local blogger pawpaw's house recently recounted an rpso deputy's first visit to the main office in awhile, who was impressed by the recently added technological innovations.

one criticism we can offer on sheriff wagner is that so far he hasnt lifted one finger to have that illegal and immoral 2003 sheriff's office 1% in perpetuity sales tax rescinded and put on the ballot at regular intervals for a vote of the people like its supposed to be.

in case you didnt know it, the in perpetuity slave tax was promulgated by sheriff wagner's predecessor now turned opponent william earl hilton aided and abetted by the rapides parish police jury.

so on principal we wont be voting for william earl hilton.(or jamie floyd in the clerk of court race.)

its possible that a few surprise candidates enter the race.