15 May 2011

water levels along highway 28 east, diversion canal, little river weir 14 may 2011

wst... note: all photos and text for this post reader submitted:

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Water Under Highway 28 East Diversion Canal Bridge. I expect to see it within two feet of the bottom of the bridge and touch the concrete in your immediate front.
Water Level at Diversion Canal Locks
Water at Diversion Canal flowing into Catahoula Lake. See the ripples in the water?
Water at Little River weir. Water running backwards to Catahoula Lake. See the Red Floater?
An old timer told me in 1973 it reached the 56 mark here. Will it go higher and over Highway 28 in 2011?

Flagon Creek that also runs into Catahoula Lake will also back up as well as areas in Deville from the "Swamp" like it did in '73.

Kurtis Paulk