29 May 2011

"i drive better when i'm high"

the first time we viewed this scene we thought that it would make for a blog post titled something like "best example from a tv series for not driving high."

however, after viewing the scene several times we cant see for sure that the bus driver or the mascot were reaped.

further, how the occupants eventually died was never shown -- so it's entirely possible they died in a manner totally unrelated to an automobile crash or any fault on the bus driver's part.

anyway, by the time we pondered all that out, we had already taken the clip and figured why waste it?


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scene from the tv series "dead like me," season two, episode thirteen: "last call," that originally aired on 17 october 2004.

"dead like me" episodes are currently available to view free from hulu.com at: http://www.hulu.com/dead-like-me