09 May 2011

rat snake

click picture to enlargerat a/k/a chicken snake

now this fellow came out of the tall-tall grass presumably; judging from all those lumps in its body, to find a place to lie still for awhile.

over the past week there has been an abundance of birds fledging so perhaps its been picking up stragglers.


obviously, when you encounter any snake you have to be cautious and when its a snake this large you have to be even more careful.

snakes, regardless of size can move around very quickly.. you never know what direction they are going to dash off in and in the um, excitement, you dont want to accidentally step on it because that could result in a reflexive strike or bite -- although this snake is harmless and non-poisonous to human beings, who wants to go through that trauma? or you could injure the snake.

this snake was not harmed in any way whatsoever and continued its journey unimpeded.

we cant say that would have been the case had it turned out to have been a cottonmouth or copperhead.