09 August 2011

alexandria housing authority audit file turned over to rapides district attorney jam downs; will he investigate or cover it up?

since this case appears to be a little more complicated than prosecuting a speeding ticket, look for the d.a. to "misplace" this file -- a lot;

in addition, we always have the words of louisiana attorney and blogger c.b. forgotston to guide us:

"district attorneys in the state dont have a good track record of prosecuting politicians for wrong-doing and they just dont do it and so the feds have to do it -- thank goodness we have somebody -- but the district attorneys have jurisdiction over all of this.

the district attorney could have prosecuted the jeffersons for ripping off the state. they dont. thats one of the reasons that this (corruption) is so prolific around the state is the fact that there is no scrutiny by the state and there is no prosecution by the local district attorneys." ~ louisiana political blogger and attorney c.b. forgotston 26 february 2010 on the moon griffon show