26 August 2011

rod noles: tax credit housing competes with alexandria landlord gayle underwood's rental properties

our [alexandria landlord gayle underwood call for federal investigation into city of alexandria government!] post from the other day takes a new twist.

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ms. underwood made her call before the alexandria city council tuesday afternoon ... early the next morning she was amongst the first to phone in to the rod noles radio program.

on wednesday mornings, rodney v. noles, an area real estate executive and developer, hosts his own local am talk radio show about area economic development and what-not.

in turns out that his property management firm was set to manage a portion of the housing project in question (sparc phase 2) that ms. underwood opposes.

we come away from the conversation with the opinion that what mr. noles was getting at, is that ms. underwood has property in the 3rd street area to let and opposes new housing, because it has a potential to harm her bottom line.

we also found amusing ms. underwood's casting herself as some sort of champion of the people when she complains about how close together the apartments were built.

one thing's for sure this should all make for one heck of a an investigation; we cant wait to see how it turns out.