24 August 2011

alexandria landlord gayle underwood call for federal investigation into city of alexandria government!

we agree. although, most likely not for the same reasons.

we've opposed the sparc program from the beginning; neverminding that, we would like to see an investigation too, into, for example -- why the alexandria city council two weeks ago approved after much -- apparently for public consumption, complaining, belly-aching, bitching and moaning, giving $140,000 [97,143 eur] tax-payer dollars to continue to prop up the alexander fulton hotel when there is an extremely high probability that it is going to shut its doors at 01 november anyway. so wtf there?

it would have made far more sense to have denied this 140k squandering public money and then approving phase 2 of the sparc/hodges stockyard project.

the council could have used that money for a lot of things, but since they have that kinda money to waste, the least they could have done was to apply it toward the legal fees in expropriating the bentley -- then after the alexander fulton shuts down, the sheriff can sell them both.

the alexander fulton hotel would have been sold off eons ago on the court house steps if the city would not have kept applying taxpayer money to it.

so there needs to be an investigation into the capitol one banksters and the alexandria city government to find out if the banksters are blackmailing the mayor and the city council or just what is going on because this makes no sense.

we would like to see a complete, in toto, in globo investigation into each city councilperson the results of which should show amongst other things how and why they arrive at their decisions.

another thing that we would like to see investigated is why exactly is councilman chuck fowler a republican the only one voting in support of the sparc expansion -- when it is contrary to the republican platform. so he needs to be investigated from top to bottom too.

oh and while you're at it -- find out why councilman harry silver at going on 90 years of age (no joke) is the only councilman with any sense.

as far as the alexandria mayor -- we've never said that he was honest -- at least as far as politically -- but after umpteen lawsuits -- some, maybe all of which he has been deposed and/or had to testify under oath, investigations, whisper campaigns, including that freak piece of shit greg aymond and his dreary band of rabble-rousers and house negros dogging him out daily, for years, the result of all this has not yielded one thing that the mayor could be arrested for, disbarred, censured, removed from office etc, etc: zip. zilch. nada. nyet.

the fact of the matter is that mayor roy was reelected, in the open primary, less than a year ago with 62% of the vote.

louisiana is a to the victor go the spoils state and the mayor has his entourage of supporters and others, that he trusts to carry out his will.

what we have in opposition to the mayor is a group of people who want to steal all the mayor's ideas and plans as their own and most importantly the money they generate -- to give to their friends.

this is true because they never stand up to the mayor over what's right and what's wrong or even what political philosophy they pretend to subscribe to, like how wrong it was to borrow a bunch of money to fund an inperpetuity governmental give-a-way program(s) the repayment of which, in part, is already promised by alexandrians not even born yet and without their informed consent by an in perpetuity (slave) tax (2007) -- a clear violation of moral law and federal law, including but not limited to, amendment xiv, federal constitution and louisiana law at La. R.S. 14:134.

so yeah, lets have an investigation. send in the national guard, feds, postal inspectors, fbi, carnivore, darpa, the calvary & that thing up in alaska, haarp or whatever, you know, the whole nine yards, because its obvious that alexandrians, no matter their race, creed or religion are too stupid and pathetic to come together as one, like they should have done years ago, to march on city hall with torches and pitchforks and put a stop to this chicanery.

we recommend that everyone closely question each candidate for sheriff of rapides parish and alexandria city marshal about what exactly they have done to curb public corruption -- NOT what they plan to do.

they are all longtime policemen and if each one can not give you a specific example of who, what, when, where, how and what time of what he has done to put a stop to public corruption -- then refuse to vote for him -- because they are part of the problem. simple as that.
alexander fulton hotel, downtown alexandria, la. 18 august 2011

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