11 August 2011

jim tucker is a poor choice for louisiana's sec'y of state and any other elected office

on 22 october 2011 the only two reasons you will need to vote no to the rino jim tucker for louisiana sec'y of state:

(1) led the state house charge and eventually won final passage of SB 672 the massive legislative pay-raise fraud bill.

(2) for years he has been speaker of the house yet has done nothing to put a stop to vote changing. house members can vote on a bill and then later that day or weeks later go back and change their vote - supposedly as long as it doesnt change the bills original outcome.

this may sound harmless enough to anyone naive enough to think that louisiana has an honest; respectable legislative branch of government because its obviously a procedure they employ to trick their constituents with.

house members dont even have to have been present when the original vote took place -- rather, they can just glitz in after a night out partying with the lobbyists and cast a vote..

we've posted about it before -- but dont take our word for it. research vote-changing for yourself. for instance. cb forgotston at www.forgotston.com has reams of information about it; we're sure others do too...

+ bonus reason not to vote for jim tucker --:he is a bankster.

and so soon to be former speaker tucker wants to be the keeper of the great seal of the people of the state of louisiana, as well as our archives, corporate records, the electronic voting machine scam -- and the elections division as well as the states museums? you must be a blistering idiot.