27 February 2012

cheneyville police department sued

the petition for damages of abraham l. fields states that on or about 16 february 2011, he was "sitting in an automobile properly awaiting traffic to move at a caution light on highway 71 when he was confronted by officer [jeffrey] jeter of the cheneyville police department who immediately and without good cause arrested abraham l. fields for speeding."

mr. fields says that this was an unwarranted arrest, without good cause and therefore illegal.

mr. fields says that under the circumstances, officer jeter used unreasonable and unjustified force which violated his constitutional and personal rights.

also mr. fields states that while he was not resisting, that officer jeter pulled him out of the vehicle and caused him bodily injury.

he is pleading violations of the fourth, fifth and fourteenth amendments of the united states constitution (.pdf) and 42 usc sec 1983 and 42 usc sec 1988, as well as the louisiana civil code at articles 2315 (liability for acts causing damages) et seq., as well as various articles of the louisiana constitution (.pdf) of 1974, such as article one section two; article one section five and article one section twenty.

while mr. fields is suing the cheneyville police department through the village of cheneyville, it's curious why he didnt choose to make officer jeter, in his official capacity, a defendant. see for instance paragraph 13 of the petition.

the suit is filed by pineville attorney, b. gerald weeks and is assigned to ninth judicial district court judge harry randow.

click here to download six page .pdf [179 kb]
UPDATED: this suit was moved to federal court -- click here to download updated thirteen pages .pdf [343kb]