21 February 2012

louisiana college latest publicity stunt: sues feds over a part of obamacare

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first off, we're opposed to abortion in whatever form; from the moment of conception onward.

on the other hand, birth control devices, such as condoms, which are supposed to prohibit fertilization/conception outright are another matter.

unlike animals, human beings can have sexual relations practically at any time. did god intend that each time human beings have sex that the result would be a baby?

obviously not because each month a woman is able to conceive only for a short period of time. so is it contrary to god's law or sinful to use birth control devices that prohibit conception? we're unsure about that but we do know that it is sin to murder a baby.

unfortunately, nowhere in louisiana college's complaint do they mention or complain about current interpretation of the commerce clause, wickard vs filburn or the more recent (2005) supreme court opinion in gonzales vs raich.

it is the federal government's position that the commerce clause due to outright treasonous interpretation of it by the supreme court such as in wickard and gonzales that since everything you do affects commerce -- they, the congress, can regulate it.

then house speaker, nancy pelosi even stated that obamacare is legal due to the commerce clause.

we predict that after the initial flurry of publicity that this complaint will disappear never to be mentioned again.

if louisiana college was truly interested in helping to create a better world for the unborn then they should use their resources to file suit and have the three (so far) unconstitutional and immoral, in perpetuity sales taxes that rapides parish children will have to pay and collect forever; with no say whatsoever thrown out.