20 February 2012

mayor roy's sparc wealth transfer scam to focus on bolton avenue

according to today's gannett/the alexandria daily town talk, in about two months, work on the $2,500,000.00, streetscape project on bolton avenue will begin.

while bolton avenue could definitely benefit from some sprucing up, one of our objections to the mayor's sparc wealth transfer/social engineering scam, is that a portion of the bond money that is financing it all is guaranteed by an unconstitutional and immoral "in perpetuity" sales tax that stupid, pathetic alexandrians voted on themselves which was bad enough and what's worse is that their children not even born yet are bound and liable to have to pay and collect this tax and never have a say on it.

new york banksters and bond holders love "in perpetuity" taxes and so do local "elites" who now have a guaranteed revenue stream to steal from and dole out to their cronies ... forever.

anyway, below is a video clip we shot back on 24 august 2011 of a portion of bolton avenue to jackson street out to the extension (jackson street extension).